22 July 2021

Serielizados Fest announces the first series and premiere documentaries of its 8th edition

By Serielizados

Serielizados Fest announces the first series and premiere documentaries of its 8th edition

CCCB and CASA SEAT in Barcelona and CentroCentro in Madrid will be the main venues for the 8th edition of the festival.

The organization announces 9 international premiere series and two exclusive documentaries.

The International TV Series Festival will take place from the 19th to the 30th of October in Barcelona and Madrid, and online at Filmin.

The 8th edition of the International TV Series Festival, which will be held in person from October 19th to the 24th in Barcelona and from October 27th to the 30th in Madrid -and all 12 days online on Filmin- announces its first premieres and guests.

First confirmed titles

Serielizados Fest 2021 keeps on relying on premiering the best international series unreleased in our country. Let’s start with Euphoria. But not Zendaya’s, but the original 2012 Israeli show that HBO adapted and very few have seen. Another Israeli series, Nafas (2021), will have its premiere in Spain after being released on HOT last March.

Tu Préfères (Would You Rather is its international title), a French miniseries on the ARTE network, will land at the Fest after being show at Sundance in 2021. We will also feature the Australian drama The End, by the co-writer of Nine Perfect Strangers, Samantha Strauss, released in 2020 by Sky Atlantic. And the winner of the 2020 International Emmy, #martyisdead, will finally be seen in our country.

Powerful and uncomplicated are adjectives that suit the comedy The Unusual Suspects well, an assault on the class conventions of a posh neighborhood in Sydney (and of so many other “developed” cities). In this series, which clearly alludes to the 1995 film The Usual Suspects and is inspired by Desperate Housewives, a famous trendsetter in decline and her Filipino nanny will form an unexpected female clan.

As is customary at the festival, some Nordic participation could not be missed. Two new Icelandic series arrive at Serielizados Fest. The first, Blackport (2021), which won the 2018 Berlinale CoPro Series pitch, tells the true story of corruption in the Icelandic fishing industry of the 1980s, the cod mafia. Blackport will be seen for the first time in Spain at Serielizados Fest just after its world premiere in Séries Mania, and before its arrival on Icelandic television.

The second, Journey (2020), starring two Nordic stars, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Trapped, The Minister) and Víkingur Kristjánsson (Trapped and The Valhalla Murders), is a dramatic series in which two middle-aged men, who have lost the course of their lives, address their innermost feelings on a road trip through the surprisingly diverse and mystical nature of the Icelandic Westfjords.

And finally, a Norwegian delight. Pørni (2021), short for Pernilla, names a superhero without a cape, played by Henriette Steenstrup (Ragnarok, Lilyhammer), who has also written the series. She works for the child protective service and takes care of her two teenage daughters, who miss their absent father, but only Pørni knows the real reason for his departure.

In the children’s section, the festival will screen Mironins (2021), an animated series starring three drops of paint – Ro, Blu and Low – that have escaped from one of Joan Miró’s paintings. Now that they have managed to get out of the dark and boring warehouse they were in, they can go live alongside the other works in the museum.

In the Documentaries section, the organization announces its first two titles, the premieres in Spain of Sopranos Sessions (2020), a documentary that interviews face to face and exclusively the cast and creator of one of the best series of all time, and Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic (2021), an unpublished documentary distributed by BBC Studios where the director searches the tragicomic life of the Tiger King ten years after their first encounter.

As usual, Serielizados Fest Barcelona will concentrate most of its activities at the CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), CASA SEAT and Sala Phenomena. While Serielizados Fest Madrid will locate its main sessions at CentroCentro as a novelty this year and, as in previous editions, its inauguration will take place at the Film Academy.

8th Fiction Pilots Showcase

The arrival of Serielizados Fest also means the celebration, one more year, of the Fiction Pilots Showcase, an initiative that reaches its 8th edition betting on giving visibility and projection to the emerging talent in series and webseries creation, which is carried out with the Zoom International Festival of Audiovisual Content of Catalonia.

This year, in addition, the copyright management entity DAMA joins the project as a sponsor, and teams up with Serielizados Fest and Zoom to offer the winning projects a total of 1.800€ in prizes. Those interested in participating can take a look at the bases in this link and register through Festhome, in this link.

Madrid special

To celebrate the more than 100 episodes of the Traveling Series podcast, produced by Serielizados, its director and presenter, Lorenzo Mejino, will talk live with the Galician scriptwriter and producer Ramón Campos, creator of series such as Fariña, Velvet and Las Chicas del Cable, about the Sierra de Madrid, where he has set (and shot) many of his stories.

Over the next few months, the organization will inform about new confirmations -both series premieres and related activities- through its social networks (Twitter, Instagram) and the official Newsletter.