16 May 2019

Serielizados Fest has started the inscriptions of the VI Pilots Showcase and the I TV Series Pitching Forum

By Serielizados Fest

Serielizados Fest has started the inscriptions of the VI Pilots Showcase and the I TV Series Pitching Forum

VI edition of the Fiction Pilots Showcase poster / Credit: Nil Morist

· Sign up for the Showcase if you have filmed a TV series or a web-series pilot!

· Sign up for the Pitching if you have developed a TV series project!


Serielizados Fest is pleased to announce the opening of the registration to participate in the Fiction Pilots Showcase and the I Pitching Forum Series – GAC.

Fiction Pilots Showcase is a Serielizados initiative organized together with International Zoom Festival of audiovisual contents of Catalonia, TV formats & Internet (Igualada) in order to give TV series and web-series’ emerging talent visibility and promotion. Due to this, the finalist TV series creators are going to participate in the ‘Meet the Expert’ session, an individual meeting with each member of the professional jury in order to receive a valuation of the project: the session will take place in SGAE headquarters (Barcelona), during the Serielizados Fest.

At the Fiction Showcase two prizes will be given (including cash remittance); the first one, given by an audiovisual professional jury, and the second one, awarded by the voting of the audience of Barcelona and Madrid (the headquarters of the Serielizados Fest Showcase Madrid will be Sala Berlanga). The winners will be announced the 30th of November, during the Zoom Igualada Closing Ceremony. Additionally, the finalists pilot creators of the VI Fiction Pilots Showcase will have access to the Music Library musical catalog during a whole year so they could synchronize their projects’ music during a year.

Showcase registration through the website FESTHOME:


One of the innovations of the Serielizados Fest is the I Pitching Forum Series – GAC, organized in cooperation with the catalan screenwriters society Guionistes Associats de Catalunya. Pitching Forum Series wants to create an environment and meeting point between screenwriters, platforms, TV channels and producers. Establish a direct tie between audiovisual professionals, making easier the positioning, development and, in the long run, the production of the projects where the script can be valued properly.

A script analysts committee will be selecting a minimum of four and a maximum of eight TV series projects that will be participating in an exhibition conference in front of various platforms and TV channels, with producers witnessing the event. The selected ones will receive a personalized tutoring with a script consultant and a Pitch workshop.

The project relies on the cooperation of FAGA (Foro de Asociaciones de Guioniostas Audiovisuales), Fundació SGAE and the Institut de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Pitching Forum registration through the website: