12 June 2019

HBO España and Serielizados Fest premiere ‘El Pionero’, the TV series about Jesús Gil

By Serielizados

HBO España and Serielizados Fest premiere ‘El Pionero’, the TV series about Jesús Gil

The non fiction TV series ‘El Pionero’ is a JWP production / Credit: HBO España

‘El Pionero’ premiere, the first original HBO España TV series, directed by Enric Bach and Justin Webster (‘Muerte en León’), takes place in Sala Phenomena the 2nd of July.

HBO España and Serielizados Fest organize in Barcelona the premiere of El Pionero, the non-fiction TV series directed by Enric Bach, and written by Bach himself together with Justin Webster (Muerte en León’s authors). The premiere takes place in Sala Phenomena the 2nd of July at 7.30 p.m. as part of Serielizados Fest Premieres. The entrance is free of charge by signing up in advance. 

The event consists of the exclusive screening of the four episodes of the show about the legendary Jesús Gil, ex-president of the football team Atlético de Madrid and ex-mayor of Marbella, followed by a colloquium with the creators (Bach and Webster). El Pionero is the first original HBO Spain TV series and will be available on the network since the 7th of July. 

El Pionero premiere comes leading up to the sixth edition of Serielizados Fest, International TV Series Festival of Barcelona (from September 25 to September 29) that happens to start its first edition in Madrid (from September 27 to September 30).



A life that goes beyond fiction

Jesús Gil’s life is one of the most astonishing and extraordinary stories of the last few decades in Europe. Gil was a unique character that broke stereotypes inside the politics, football and construction circles in Spain. Polemic, eccentric and seriously swindler, Gil knew how to connect with people as anyone could before and he was extremely loved by the spanish media.

Gil lived constantly challenging the laws and being persecuted by the justice for years until he was disqualified of the mayoral service and suspended from the Atlético de Madrid’s presidency. A story with various facts known around the world that leads us to ask ourselves why we are seduced sometimes or consider as myths some specific figures.

Serielizados Fest Premieres is consolidated

El Pionero (produced by JWP) is the fourth premiere organized by Serielizados Fest this 2019, following the prior previews of True Detective, Absentia and What We Do in the Shadows

Serielizados Fest plans to organize more premieres this year in both Barcelona and Madrid. The organization will be communicating the news through its social networks (@serielizados) and newsletter.