30 August 2018

Panorama: premieres of international TV series

Panorama: premieres of international TV series

The series of the Panorama Section

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In past editions of Serielizados Fest, as you beloved fans will remember, we’ve brought you premieres such as Valkyrien or the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. Screening new releases has always left us yearning for more, so in this fifth edition we’ve decided to dedicate one whole section to bringing you the very best of this year, an exquisite selection of 11 pearls from all over the world still unseen in Spain for your use and enjoyment; even better… the screenings will be free!

For those of you who only live to get to the office, the bar or your niece’s first communion and declaim the virtues of That Last Television Gem Nobody Else Has Seen Yet, you can mark the dates and place: 28th, 29th and 30th of september at the CCCB Auditorium.

The Panorama section will screen the Flemish TV success De Dag (The Day); the new HBO series in coproduction with RAI, based on the bestseller by Elena Ferrante The Brilliant Friend after its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, which will be later shown HBO Spain; and direct from the 2018 Berlinale Sleeping Bears with the presence of Keren Margalit (Israel). We’ll also see the first episode of Season 2 of the millenial dramedy Mai Neva a Ciutat (Spain – Islas Baleares); Heimebane (Norway), a fiction that tells the story of a woman who coaches a male football team in the Norwegian premier league; and the pilot of Liberty, a new Danish public television (DR) production that adapts the novel Liberty by Jakob Ejersibo, which follows the life of European expats in the heart of the African continent.

The Jón Gnarr cycle at the Filmoteca de Catalunya will see the Spanish premiere of Borgarstjorinn (The Mayor), a new comedy presented by Gnarr himself, lead character of the show where he plays a fictional mayor of Reykjavik. As a closing ceremony of the festival, there will be a marathon of Wellington Paranormal (New Zealand), Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Taika Waititi’s (What we do in the shadows) new comedy, a spin-off of the movie What we do in the shadows.

We will soon announce the three remaining screenings

Próximamente anunciaremos los tres estrenos que faltan. Meanwhile, you can sign up to attend the screenings here.