05 February 2019

Serielizados Fest hosts ‘Showcase: Upcoming Series from Spain’ at Berlinale

Serielizados Fest hosts ‘Showcase: Upcoming Series from Spain’ at Berlinale

Drama Series Days (Berlinale Festival 2018).

The International TV Series Festival of Barcelona will organize a showcase of Spanish tv series during the Berlinale – Drama Series Days. The session will take place on February the 11th (4.15 pm) at the Zoo 4 venue. Betu Martínez and Víctor Sala, directors of the Serielizados Fest, will host Upcoming Series from Spain, in which different Spanish channels and distributors will present their upcoming shows.

Ran Tellem, head of international content development of MEDIAPRO, will present The Paradise, a thriller shooted halfway between the Finnish city of Oulu and Fuengirola (Málaga). The Paradise is co-produced by the Finnish public broadcaster YLE and still has no distribution in Spain.

About Premium Content and Movistar+ will bring to Berlin sneak peek of the second season of Gigantes, created by Enrique Urbizu. Emmanuelle Guilbart, co-CEO and founder of About Premium Content, will present an exclusive clip from Gigantes 2, wich will be broadcast in spring 2019.

Paco León and Anna R. Costa, directors of Arde Madrid and Domingo Corral, Movistar+ original content manager, will announce news about the second season of the series, which will be released in 2020. The fiction about Ava Gardner, distributed by Beta Film, will also be screened in the Series Market Screenings.

45 Revoluciones (Bambú Producciones and Atresmedia co-production) is based on real events, when the Spanish pop music rises at 60 decade. The presentation of 45 revolutions will be carried out by José Antonio Salso, international sales manager of Atresmedia. Salso will also present Toy Boy, a Plano a Plano co-production. Toy Boy is a thriller filmed in real locations of Malaga starring Jesús Mosquera (Allí abajo), a professional striper involved in a crime.

During Showcase: Upcoming Series from Spain Betu Matínez and Víctor Sala will also announce dates and breaking news of the sixth edition of Serielizados Fest.