17 July 2019

Steve Pemberton, international guest of Serielizados Fest 2019

Steve Pemberton, international guest of Serielizados Fest 2019

Steve Pemberton (right) and Reece Shearsmith, creators of 'Inside No 9'.

Probably there’s no better acting school that the British one. While actors from around the world smother with the method looking for the most profound of all the truths, over Elizabeth II’s kingdom, that truth is taken and made it radiate with a good slap of irony meanwhile they are slurping five o’clock tea. Since the second half of the XX century, a great dynasty that involves figures of the standing of John Cleese (as well as the rest of Pythons), Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie or Rowan Atkinson, have dedicated themselves to have a piss over the face of every first thing in sight with shrewd gaze and sharp pen and, on it’s way, it has revolutionised theatre, cinema and, of course, TV. 

This leads us to a guest that we are thrilled to bring to Barcelona. Steve Pemberton was a member of the legendary ‘The League of Gentlemen’ together with Mark Gatiss (‘Sherlock’) and Reece Shearsmith, inseparable comrade of fatigues with whom he created ‘Psychoville’ and the jewel that matters in this edition: ‘Inside No. 9’, anthological TV-series made of independent capsules of 30 minutes long filled with inquisitiveness and stark comedy.

Screenwriter Pemberton waters his pages with a grumpiness that actor Pemberton carries out with a delicious talent, and in the Serielizados Fest’s current edition all the possible Pembertons will be at CCCB offering us a gaze about a creative process that, as you will see, generates pure gold.