Spanish premiere of ‘David Wants to Fly’
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Spanish premiere of ‘David Wants to Fly’

Screening of the documentary ‘David Wants to Fly’, about the strange relationship between David Lynch and a Hindu Transcendental Meditation center. Saturday the 22nd of  April at 20:00 at the CCCB Auditorium.

Whoever has come close to the work of David Lynch keeps an unforgettable memory of it. Whether it is a profound sense of bewilderment, an intuitive understanding of the dark reverse of human desire, flashes of his hypnotizing aesthetical view or directly pure disdain (see priceless testimony attached), this American filmmaker’s creations awaken instant and almost always extremely polarized reactions.

But not everything that identifies David Lynch can be found on a screen. Furniture, paintings, weather broadcasts and coffee are some of the elements that obsess this polemic and multifaceted artist, and, above all, the technique he’s a fervent advocate of: Transcendental Meditation.

‘David Wants to Fly’ follows the steps of a German fan who, fascinated by the figure of the ‘Twin Peaks’ creator, delves into his connection with a popular Hindu Transcendental Meditation center, discovering a network filled with inconsistencies and hidden truths that make of this mystification and demystification trip an unmissable gem for lovers and haters of this conflictive genius.

Where? CCCB Auditorium
When? Saturday the 22nd of April at 20:00

Admission with day pass wristband until full capacity is reached (+ info).

  • Saturday 22 April | 20.00 - 21.30

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Day pass to the Festival area

Admission with day pass wristband until full capacity is reached