Theater: “El Niño de la Tele”
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Theater: “El Niño de la Tele”

Fame is a fickle friend. The gap between anonimity and prime time can be skipped in a matter of minutes, and, in the same way, TV gets rid mercilessly of the stars who once shun in it once all the share they had in them wears out.

Rubén Ramírez was one of those stars. In the 90s, when he was still a kid, he set foot on every night show available on private television to do impersonations of politicians and famous TV hosts, and he met Spanish celebrities such as Luis del Olmo, Bertín Osborne and Carmen Sevilla. Nowadays, encountering a scenario that is very different to the one he expected (just as every other person who finished their studies in the uprising of the economic crisis), he has decided to go onstage to consider the rise and fall of all those who, like him, were sent to the limbo of the cathode-ray tube.

After his great success at Sala Flyhard, “El Niño de la Tele” comes to Fabrica Moritz by the hand of Serielizados Fest, to discuss the dark side of television with irony and feelings.

Where? Fàbrica Moritz
When? Saturday the 22nd of April at 19h
How much? 12€ (Includes one Moritz)

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