A conversation between Vince Gilligan and Toni Garcia Ramon

A conversation between Vince Gilligan and Toni Garcia Ramon

Vince Gilligan, Toni Garcia Ramon, two armchairs and a bottle of wine. Saturday the 29th of September at 17h, at the CCCB Hall.

Where were you the 29th of September of 2013? Probably planning a meeting with friends, getting pizzas and avoiding the temptation of throwing them over the closest roof, and freezing any sort of blue-colored drink so that it looked like Walter White’s crystal meth (the official product is not recommended by the WHO). It was the day of the emission of Felina, the series finale of Breaking Bad.

With Badfinger’s Baby Blue still ringing in our ears, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the fifth anniversary of such a remarkable day than to have Vince Gilligan, creator of that show that marked a milestone in our careers as seriephiles, taking part in the trademark talk of Serielizados Fest. The 29th of September, Gilligan will sit with Toni Garcia Ramon at the CCCB hall to share a bottle of wine and chat about whatever one of our favorite interviewers and the mind behind thirty X-Files episodes, Better Call Saul and Breaking bad want to chat about.

Session in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

  • Saturday 29 September | 17.00 - 18.30

  • Hall (CCCB)