Double Bill: The two Barcelonas + Seriephobia

Double Bill: The two Barcelonas + Seriephobia

The two Barcelonas, with Juanjo Sáez, Iván Morales and Roger Coma, moderated by Oye Sherman.

Arròs Covat and Heavis Tendres vs. Les Coses Grans and Les Molèsties. The cosmopolitan Barcelona and the punky one fight against each other in an unprecedented dialectical and idiosyncratic battle.

It’s time for the stalls and the peanut gallery to face off. For gin and tonics and lukewarm beer to sit down and talk. For the Barcelona in Arròs Covat and Heavis Tendres to confront the Barcelona in Les Coses Grans i Les Molèsties.

With this goal in mind, Serielizados Fest called the highest ranks in both Barcelonas. On one side, the punkies Juanjo Sáez and Iván Morales, on the other, the cosmopolitan Roger Coma. The one in charge to make some sense out of this will be Maria Rovira, aka Oye Sherman, who is still unsure about whether to go for a big plastic bottle or a fancy glass cup.


Seriephobia: TV series aren’t that cool with the creators of ‘El fin de la comedia’ and Ernesto Sevilla, moderated by Pepe Colubi.

Are series a source of vital inspiration? Did they help you improve as a person? Were by any chance the 75 hours of Mad Men of any use to forget your own mortality? Neither to us. Nothing. Nor to Ernesto Sevilla or the creators of El fin de la comediaTo Pepe Colubieven less.

Raúl Navarro and Miguel Esteban (El fin de la comedia) are two usual suspects of Serielizados Fest and, in this edition they will come to destroy the series phenomenon in the session Seriephobia: TV series aren’t that cool along with Ernesto Sevilla, who will also bring some sketches from his new Movistar+ series Capítulo 0.    

The ‘ilustre ignorante’ Pepe Colubi  will be in charge of putting some order in this godless charade. The day he confessed “I’m not watching any series at the moment (despite loving them), so if we can bite the hand that feeds us, I’ll be glad to”, we knew he was the one.