Premiere of Belgian series ‘De Dag’ (The Day)
Panorama Projecció Sèries

Premiere of Belgian series ‘De Dag’ (The Day)

De Dag (The Day) starts like many other robbery stories. Introduction of the lead characters (on the good side), everyday routines and so on. The robbery of a bank takes place and an operation is deployed. Up till here we’ve seen it before. Yet The Day gets much further. With an astounding capacity for narrative unfolding, this Belgian TV smash hit follows a great amount of intertwined storylines, jumping constantly in time and revealing information in the most calculated way. As if this weren’t enough, episodes alternate between the narrative lines of those outside the bank and those who are inside.

The Panorama Section of Serielizados Fest will premiere in Spain the first two episodes of this thrilling race against the clock. We’re basically showing two episodes because if we leave you with the cliffhanger in the first one you might burn the theater down. You can imagine.

#2por3La casa de papel and Forbrydelsen (the killing).

Screening in Flemish with subtitles in Catalan.

  • Sunday 30 September | 17.30 - 19.00

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free access with registration.

Tickets available starting August the 28th.