Spanish premiere of Israeli series ‘Sleeping Bears’

Spanish premiere of Israeli series ‘Sleeping Bears’

Screening of the two first episodes of Sleeping Bears with her creator Keren Margalit at the CCCB Auditorium.

When they hibernate, bears appear to be peaceful and huggable. Nevertheless, we could agree that one should never poke the sleeping bear. What happens when he’s poked? Well… it’s not nice. The same thing happens with the secrets of Hadas, an Israeli High School teacher who works with difficult kids, who receives an anonymous envelope with excerpts of her private conversations with her psychologist.

Keren Margalit, the mind behind Yellow Peppers  and The A Word, signs this halfway between drama and thriller series where the lead character will have to face those sleeping secrets that now threaten to bite. Besides, the creator, writer and director will attend Serielizados Fest to present the screening of the two first episodes of Sleeping Bears and to give a masterclass at the GAC (Guionistes Associats de Catalunya)

#2por3: If you liked In Treatment and TransparentSleeping Bears is your new dose.

Screening in Hebrew with Catalan subtitles.

  • Friday 28 September | 19.30 - 21.00

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free with registration.

Tickets available starting August the 28th.