Spanish premiere of Danish tv show ‘Liberty’
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Spanish premiere of Danish tv show ‘Liberty’

Screening of the pilot of Liberty at the CCCB Auditorium.

As we live in a country with certain difficulties to face the sins of our previous generations, it is fascinating to see the strength with which the creators of Liberty, the latest pearl from Danish DR, look at the ghosts of Denmark’s past in the eyes. Writer Jakob Ejersbo based his Africa Trilogy, edited in Spain by Roca Editorial, in his experiences as an expat teenager in a Tanzania occupied by Danish corporativism; Asger Leth, the other mind behind Liberty, could probably feel empathy while adapting the last volume of the trilogy, since he visited his father in Haiti every year.

And what’s there about facing sins of previous generations?, you’ll wonder. Well, after seeing the first five minutes of Liberty, and once we’re over the cool vibes of that pack of supposedly liberal middle-aged businessmen established in Africa with their development projects, we notice seams that soon reveal themselves as rotten fissures in work relations that are pure slavery disguised as chill patronage. Neocolonialism and family dysfunctionality toying around unbearable discomfort peaks. And we haven’t even discussed the plot.

#2por3: If you liked The Crown and The Honorable WomanLiberty is your new dose.

Screening in Danish with Catalan subtitles.

  • Sunday 30 September | 19.15 - 20.30

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free with registration.

Tickets available starting August the 28th.