Spanish Premiere of Norwegian series ‘Heimebane’
Panorama Projecció Sèries

Spanish Premiere of Norwegian series ‘Heimebane’

Screening of the first episode of the new gem of Norwegian television at the CCCB Auditorium. Presenting the sports journalist, Toni Padilla

In a world of infinite series, the high-concept (a sentence which sums up in a clear way the universe of a fiction) is a necessary banality to hold on to when it comes to deciding what to spend 10, 30 or 50 hours of your life on. “Booze-ridden advertising agency in the New York of the sixties”? Totally. “Loser chemistry teacher who has lung cancer starts a drug-dealing business”? I’ll have two, please.

Heimebane: “An experienced female coach gets in charge of a male football team in the Norwegian top league”. Let’s see… Clashes of power, work-family life issues, gender roles up against the ropes. And what’s best is that it takes any speech you can elaborate about this for granted, and it gets knee-deep in pure dramatic development. NRK, Norway’s public broadcaster, is a quality reference when it comes to series with works such as Skam, Valkyrien or Nobel, and Heimebane (Home Ground) is this season’s flagship. Finally a fiction series about sports where neither fiction nor sports are wronged by the presence of each other. Starting from an apparently unbalanced ego war, the show appeals to the viewer’s maturity without a hint of condescendence. And in its tagline, a word of warning: “You will walk alone”.

#2por3: If you liked Friday Night Lights and Borgen, Heimebane is your new dose.

Screening in Norwegian with Catalan subtitles.


  • Saturday 29 September | 20.30 - 21.30

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free with registration.