Closing ceremony: ‘Wellington Paranormal’ marathon
Panorama Projecció Sèries

Closing ceremony: ‘Wellington Paranormal’ marathon

Many of those who were at the Sitges Film Festival in 2014 remember What We Do in the Shadows as one of their most hilarious collective experiences at a movie theatre. The Flight of the Conchords family took the codes of the horror genre and turned them around in the form of a mockumentary with tremendous success. Now, for our delight, they are back with Wellington Paranormal, which will be screened in a marathon as its European Premiere.

This delightful spin-off is lead by Minogue and O’Leary, a police unit that solves (sort of) paranormal cases in the capital of New Zealand and its surroundings. Picture The X Files with the most incompetent yet endearing agents battling against the monsters’ ABCs of our imaginary (possessions, aliens, you name it) with hysterical results. 

#2por3: if you liked  The X Files and Brooklyn 99this is your new dose.

Screening in English with Catalan subtitles.

  • Sunday 30 September | 21.00 - 23.45

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free access with registration.