Spanish Premiere of argentine series ‘El Lobista’
Panorama Projecció Sèries

Spanish Premiere of argentine series ‘El Lobista’

Kevin Spacey has been gone for a while, but the shadow of Frank Underwood remains. In this case, the focus isn’t put in the machiavellism of a politician, but rather in the elusive figure of an intermediary, a leech properly suited for this corrupted battle ground. Matías Franco, on the outside the kind of man you’d like to bring home to your parents, is actually knee-deep in a sea of influence trafficking, power, mysterious cults and murder.

El Lobista, an original TNT series produced by Polka, has been a true hit in Argentina. The 10 episodes mini-series was shown simultaneously on the network Eltrece and on the VOD platform Cablevisión Flow, where it got the service’s best ever results. Absolutely reasonable fact, given the impeccable pulse it displays adding thriller to the drama, and its narrative coherence and its iron cohesion (all episodes are directed by Daniel Barone and penned by Patricio Vega, à la True Detective). Do you need more?

#2por3House of Cards and Crematorio.

Screening in Spanish.

  • Saturday 29 September | 17.30 - 18.30

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free access with registration.