Jón Gnarr cycle: ‘Næturvaktin’ (‘The night shift’)
Cicle Jón Gnarr País convidat Sèries

Jón Gnarr cycle: ‘Næturvaktin’ (‘The night shift’)

If we think of little megalomaniac bosses with a tendency for absudity, employees with quirky particularities and dull and alienating work places, it’s hard not to think of The Office. Now, send that through the filter of an Icelandic gas station and you’ll have Næturvaktin (The Night Shift)

Its release 10 years ago was a true revolution in Iceland: it won an Edda award for best comedy, it inspired two sequels (one with the same characters in a hotel, the other with them in jail) and a movie (that beat Avatar in the Box Office in its release weekend), and ended up being broadcasted at the BBC. On Sunday the 30th at 20h Serielizados Fest will screen its two first episodes at the CCCB Hall, and we don’t think we need to give you more reasons to attend.

This session will be introduced by Lorenzo Mejino.

Screening in Icelandic with Catalan subtitles.

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  • Sunday 30 September | 20.00 - 21.00

  • Hall (CCCB)
  • Free tickets.