Special session: screening of ‘Patrick Melrose’
Sèries Sessió especial

Special session: screening of ‘Patrick Melrose’

Screening of the first episode of Sky’s original series Patrick Melrose, at the CCCB Auditorium.

Do you remember Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock? Well, forget him. There is little room for impenetrability and nicotine patches in Patrick Melrose, a.k.a. Fear and Loathing in the 80’s British Bourgeoisie. ¿What is there room for? The death of an abusive father, withdrawal syndrome, endless traumas, enough heroin, cocaine and quaaludes to kill an elephant, a black and exquisite humour sense, dry martinis for breakfast and an unseen range of facial expressions in one of the greatest actors of our time. Understandably, Cumberbatch gives it all: back in 2013, he stated on a Reddit AMA that Patrick Melrose, lead character in Edward St. Aubyn’s cult novels, was the literary figure he’d like to play the most.

Patrick Melrose will be on Sky España a few days before Serielizados Fest, but we didn’t want to miss the chance to screen it in this special session in our Panorama Section. So far, it has already received five Emmy nominations, including best miniseries and best miniseries actor. The theatrical release of the first out of five episodes will be an ideal opportuniy to savor on a big screen this muddy drag along the hell of a high class that definitely doesn’t deserve such a name.

#2por3: If you liked Trust and Mr. RobotPatrick Melrose is your new dose.

Screening in English with Spanish subtitles.

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  • Sunday 30 September | 16.00 - 17.15

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • Free access with registration.

Tickets available starting August the 28th.