Tribute to Maria Aurèlia Capmany
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Tribute to Maria Aurèlia Capmany

Maria Aurèlia Capmany (1918-1991) was a Catalan writer and playwright, feminist and profoundly anti-francoist in a black and white Spain. This 2018 sees the celebration of the Capmany Centenary, and Serielizados Fest wants to pay homage to her pioneering figure and her television work, equally ahead of their time.

On Friday the 28th at 21.30h, at the CCCB Auditorium, there will be a screening of her show Les nits de la tieta Rosa (The nights of aunt Rosa) (1980), which Capmany wrote for TVE. In it, a woman escapes the comfort and ties of a traditionalist family to dive into the first nights of spice and liberty in Barcelona. Les nits de la tieta Rosa is not only a television series, but part of its history.

After the screening, the attendees to the session Tribute to M.A. Capmany will enjoy a roundtable formed by musician and producer Josep Maria Mainat, actress Carme Sansa, the series director Lluís Maria Guëll, and Capmany’s biographer Agustí Pons, moderated by journalist Mònica Terribas, currently the lead conductor of the morning show Els Matins in Catalunya Ràdio.

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