(CAT) ‘The New Nurses’ + ‘La Jauría’
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(CAT) ‘The New Nurses’ + ‘La Jauría’

‘La Jauría’

The case of “La Manada” (known as the “Wolfpack” in English) has been an important milestone for social mobilization against sexual violence in Spain and has triggered a timely and necessary debate on how to consider the testimony of rape victims.

TVN channel’s new venture of the season takes as its starting point the rape case of La Manada and places it in the Chilean context. The plot of ‘La Jauría’ begins when a group of students protest against a teacher accused of sexual abuse. Blanca Ibarra, the leader of the mobilization, disappears and shortly after, she appears in a video that proves that she has been the victim of a gangrape.

Its producers, brothers, Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín (‘A Fantastic Woman’, ‘Jackie’, ‘Prófugos’), have made it crystal clear that there is a risk on creating this story, but they also know that dealing with complex themes in fiction is essential to denounce them and create social awareness about them.

The cast features Daniela Vega (‘A Fantastic Woman’) and Antonia Zegers (‘The Club’) as main characters.