‘Follow the money III’ + Q&A with Jeppe Gjervig
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‘Follow the money III’ + Q&A with Jeppe Gjervig

Follow the money‘ is the new adventure by the author of ‘Borgen‘, Jeppe Gjervig.

After two seasons of great success in Denmark, winning the Best Series award in 2017, ‘Follow the money’ got the green light to develop a spin-off called ‘Follow the money III‘ (DR, 2019). As other spin-offs like ‘Better Call Saul‘ or ‘The Good Fight‘, the narrative of ‘Follow the money III’ begins from scratch and gives the audience a fresh start, whether they are familiar or not with the previous seasons.

‘Follow the money’ explores the ins and outs of economic crime, and what happens to people when information and ambition corrupt their souls. The series exposes viewers to the complex world of finance, banks, stock exchanges and boardrooms, without filters.

Session in original version (Danish) subtitled in Spanish.

After the screening of the first chapter of ‘Follow the money III’, its creator Jeppe Gjervig will offer a Q&A (english with spanish translation).