(CAT) ‘Les Molèsties 2’ + Q&A amb Roger Coma
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(CAT) ‘Les Molèsties 2’ + Q&A amb Roger Coma

Roger Coma’s sophisticated look stops one more time on the psychological drift that implies crossing the thirty years old boundary and premieres on Serielizados Fest a second dose of ‘Les molèsties’, Betevé’s small-sized TV series starred by Roger Coma himself and catalan actors like David Verdaguer, Margalida Grimalt and Maria Rodríguez. 

A thirtysomething’s daily life’s dissection that exhibits, through short stories that doesn’t last more than twenty-two minutes, those tiny negative details in our lives that are accumulated till they manage to disrupt our happiness. A paradox that Roger Coma has also showed in his first project as a screenwriter, the web-series precisely called ‘Les coses grans’. 

A portrait of a generation with existential issues seen through the filter of a psychological and refined humor released on every dialogue that concludes to a normalization of the big significance that have of not only ‘the discomforts of being married’, but also ‘the discomforts of giving a present’ and, being more profound, ‘the discomforts of being yourself’.

After the screening, the cast of the series, headed by Roger Coma, will hold a Q&A.

  • Thursday 26 September | 21.30 - 23.00

  • Hall (CCCB)
  • (CAT) 3€