‘Inside No 9’ + Q&A with Steve Pemberton
Premiere Projecció

‘Inside No 9’ + Q&A with Steve Pemberton

One of our critics, Ricardo Jornet, defined ‘Inside No 9‘ as “one of the most interesting cult shows of last decade’ in his article “El cuarto de las maravillas“. And is that ‘Inside No.9’ has four seasons, and 24 chapters, making us laugh, suffer and reflect as only English black humor can do. BBC guarantee.

Serielizados Fest has the great honor of present the International Premiere of the 5th season of the series. Before anyone. You will be the first. Of all the world. Will you miss it?

Its self-conclusive chapters, reminiscent of the ‘Black Mirror‘ scheme, allow you to get on the ‘Inside No. 9’ train at any time and enjoy the trip without feeling lost. In addition, as final trace, the session will have the presence of one of its creators, Steve Pemberton, with whom we will have the opportunity to chat.

Session in original version (English) subtitled in Spanish.

In collaboration with Filmin & BBC

  • Friday 27 September | 18.30 - 20.00

  • Auditori (CCCB)
  • (CAT) Entrada gratuïta amb inscripció prèvia.