‘Money Heist’: how to pull off a money heist

‘Money Heist’: how to pull off a money heist

Wearing red suits and Dalí masks, the editors of ‘Money Heist’, as well as its main characters, materialize, with scalpel precision, piece by piece, everything told by the brain of this show, Álex Pina: a robbery that keeps the audience hooked from the beginning. They not only dare to run the dose of story their 34 million spectators are swallowing in every scene, sequence and episode, they also have the privilege to know every detail of the narrative mechanisms of a TV-series that has already reached the status of Drama Series International Emmy Award. 

And now, that said, ¿what happens if we tell you that these secrets are about to be revealed? Four are the editors that are going to do that, in this Serielizados Fest’s special session that we couldn’t name any other way: Money Heist: how to pull off a money heist

Are you gonna miss it?

In collaboration with AMMAC (Association of Editors in Catalonia).


  • Friday 27 September | 20.00 - 21.30

  • Hall (CCCB)
  • (ESP) 7€