Conversation with Paul Abbott + Premiere ‘Wolfe’

Conversation with Paul Abbott + Premiere ‘Wolfe’

‘Shameless’ creator visits Barcelona to testify to the origins of Frank Gallagher and his family, the protagonists of “Shameless”. And he’ll talk about his life and career with Toni García Ramón.

Paul Abbott is the man behind Shameless. Both the original British version and the American adaptation hold his unmistakable stamp.

Either fans of David Threlfall or William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, this is your unmissable appointment with Serielizados Fest 2021.

After being the youngest screenwriter of “Coronation Street”, one of the top talent pools for British, Paul Abbott worked in series and miniseries such as ‘Children’s Ward’, ‘Reckless’, ‘Touching Evil’ and ‘Clocking Off’. In 2003, only one year before Shameless, Paul got an incredible success with ‘State of Play’ still remembered at the BBC as one of the best political thrillers of the last times.

Then, the British writer took his personal experiences as a humble orphan young boy raised by his sister in a large family of the North of England and created Shameless: a key work in British contemporary fiction. If we’ve learned anything from the Gallaghers and their messy lives, it’s that, in spite of everything, you must never forget how to have fun.

Who will miss a beer or two with such a personality? We won’t. Maybe there will be no beers, but for sure we will try to have the same fun attending this informal conversation between Paul Abbott and the journalist Toni Garcia Ramon. A journey through the life and miracles of an unusual writer, with a sharp sense of humor and always sensitive to social realities. 

Session in English with simultaneous translation into Catalan.

Spanish Premiere of ‘Wolfe’, the new Paul Abbott series.

Wolfe is the new razor-sharp forensic crime drama from Paul Abbott (Shameless, State of Play, Clocking Off, and No Offence). Wolfe will lead us through the darkest parts of humanity, but he will shine a bright light into these gloomy places. Wolfe is about love and doing the right thing at all costs. And that’s a good thing to be doing in these dark days.

Each week Wolfe is propelled to a myriad of compelling locations, to piece together the parts (literally in most cases) of another outlandish and unconventional investigation. His team will face exploding vehicles, buildings…. and even bodies, doing anything to unearth the insidious truth behind these crimes. One thing is for sure though, they won’t be doing it in a way anybody expected.

  • Thursday 21 October | 19.00 - 20.30

  • CCCB
  • (CAT) 10€