Ciberlocutorio Live: ‘X, la sèrie’

Ciberlocutorio Live: ‘X, la sèrie’

Directors of ‘Ciberlocutorio’ podcast, Andrea Gumes and Anna Pacheco, will offer a live show feat. creators of ‘X, la sèrie’.

They don’t need an introduction. Andrea Gumes and Anna Pacheco have deserved a place in the trendiest digital media by sharing their daily obsessions and phobias with humor and some bitchiness too.

Ciberlocutorio (Radio Primavera Sound), as they said, is the same as having an hour of therapy or a healness talk with friends.

For this special occasion, they will be joined by the creators and protagonists of one of the series of the year: X, la serie. Their names are Mònica Barrio and Marina Congost. Remember them. They describe their project as “an audiovisual collage that works on the artistic boundaries of television to question the patriarchy. Because we’re tired, we can’t take it anymore. It’s a shout: enough!” You can read the entire interview in

Serializados Fest experts committee has decided to put together these two women couples who will make crumble the most closest and old minds. No machos welcomed. 

For the rest of humankind, save the date: wednesday 20 october, h21.30 at CCCB teatre the Pandora’s box will be opened.

  • Wednesday 20 October | 21.30 - 23.00

  • CCCB
  • (CAT) 6€