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Spanish Premiere: ‘Blackport’. Scandinavian thriller. Grand Prize of the International Competition at Series Mania 2021 festival.

At Filmin from October 19 to 30.

Get ready for this series. A nordic noirs about the corruption in the islandic fishing industry during the the eighties ( the cod mafia), created by one of the responsibles of Trapped, who has just won the Grand International Award in the prestigious french festival Series Mania 2021.

This series will dock for the first time in Spain at Serielizados Fest, before its premiere in Iceland. The first two episodes will be available at Filmin, the official platform of the festival, from the 19th to the 30th of october.

Mid eighties. The Icelandic government approves a number of fishing fees that alters the balance of various coast towns. Harpa, the city council’s secretary of a small town, takes advantage of the caos to create a fishing imperium outside the law in order to save the small industry and her neighbours.

  • Premiere: 2 episodes.

Original version (Norwegian) with subtitles in Catalan and Spanish.

  • Tuesday 19 October | 09.00

  • At Filmin from 19th to 30th of October.