Werner Herzog’s Masterclass

Werner Herzog’s Masterclass

Werner Herzog, one of the greatest living cinema directors, will offer a masterclass in which he will illustrate his passionate cinematographic gaze. Or that’s what he told us.

Werner Herzog has never directed a fiction series. In fact, out of counted but iconic appearances (‘Parks & Recreation’, ‘The Mandalorian’ ,’Rick and Morty’) and ‘On Death Row’, a documentary miniseries about the death penalty in the USA, he is not usually associated with the small screen.

Anyway, if this were his only CV, the excuse would be enough to invite him to the Serielizados Fest.

But. BUT. Let’s savor this for a moment: Werner Herzog, director and screenwriter of more than fifty films (including capital works such as ‘Aguirre, the wrath of God‘, ‘Fitzcarraldo‘, ‘The enigma of Gaspar Hauser‘ or ‘Nosferatu, vampire of the night‘) and up to twenty operas, awarded in Cannes, Venice, San Sebastián, Sundance and Locarno, is coming to Serielizados Fest to give a masterclass.

The man who directed Klaus Kinski, the man who literally ate his shoe for losing a bet with Errol Morris, is coming to our holy house to tell us how art is made.

The last time Werner Herzog visited the CCCB was in a talk entitled “Terror and ecstasy in the mind of God”, and ended up explaining how to hypnotize a chicken. How couldn’t we ask for more?

The session will be moderated by documentary filmmaker Justin Webster, director of non-fiction series such as ‘Muerte en León‘ and ‘El fiscal, la presidenta y el espía‘ and documentaries ‘El fin de ETA‘, ‘Gabo‘ and ‘Seré asesinado‘.

  • Wednesday 20 October | 18.30 - 20.30

  • CCCB
  • (CAT) 35€